Adventurous Activities

One of the many reasons young people and adults join scouting, is to take part in adventurous activities that they wouldn’t normally have an opportunity to take part in. These could include abseiling; archery; mountain climbing; snorkelling and many more.

Most of these activities come with a high level of fun and risk at the same time! Therefore only adults who have achieved a recognised standard of knowledge and safety, can run/operate these activities. The Scout Association has has an Adventurous Activity Permit scheme in place, for those adults who wish to organise adventurous activities for under 18 year olds to take part in.

Merseyside Scouts have produce a simplified process to gain an activity permit. Please follow this link for the latest information.

For more information on the types of adventurous activities that are available, please click here.

For more information on the Permit Scheme, please click here