Scout Active Support

The purpose of the team is to take on duties/tasks that allow leaders to dedicate all of their time, to work with their young people. This could be running a tuck shop, provide catering, providing a driver for transport or promoting an event, Group or the District.

We realise that there are many volunteers who, for their own reasons, do not wish to hold a warranted leader role, but are very happy helping out as and when they can. Most groups already have a number of Occasional Helpers attached to their groups, who support leaders in many different ways. Some groups may even have their own Group Scout Active Support Units!

Dave & Sue Hussey are the Managers of the new unit. The next step is to identify any volunteers who may wish to join our District unit and be part of a support team for up any coming events.


  • Need not have had any previous Scouting background
  • Be a minimum of 18yrs old.
  • Become an full member of the association
  • Agree to complete a minimum level of training.

For more information on Scout Active Support, please go to