The permit scheme

An adventurous activity permit allows you to lead that activity for young people within Scouting. It shows people in Scouting, the young people and their parents that you have the necessary skills and experience to be able to lead these important activities. Details of which activities are classed as adventurous can be found in POR.

The adventurous activity permit scheme is a national scheme, so when you have a permit it will allow you to lead the activity for young people from any District or County. Each permit can be tailored to the level that your skills, experience and requirements justify, meaning that restrictions may be placed on such matters as areas, venues or facilities. This ensures that you can lead activities at the right level.

> To apply for a permit, please download and complete this application form and send it to an approved County Assessor. If you do not know who the current assessor for that activity is, please contact Kevin Donnelly, ACC Activities at Merseyside Scout County.

> As of January 2014, all Activity Permits will be added the membership database. If you have a valid permit and find that it is not listed on the database, please contact Paul Clare.

Renewing a permit

Permits last for a maximum of five years, the expiry date can be found on your permit, at which point they expire. If you have not applied for and been granted a new permit before the expiry date on your permit then you will no longer be able to lead the activity once the expiry date has passed.

To get a new permit once / before your current permit has expired you need to go through exactly the same process as gaining your first permit. So you will apply to an assessor who will assess you and provide a recommendation for you to take to your Commissioner. The assessment by the assessor may use different methods to confirm your competence as you will have held a permit for a number of years and have more logged experience from this time that can be used as evidence.